Lights, Camera, Tiff and… Samsung!

The pair of the moment – the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note5 will be receiving the red carpet treatment as Samsung Canada and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) team up for what should be an unforgettable festival experience for many fans.

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 10: Joseph Gordon-Levitt runs to fans with special high fives at the "Don Jon" premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival held at Princess of Wales Theatre on September 10, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Michael Tran/Getty Images;

Samsung Electronics Canada announced on Aug. 20, 2015 that it will be partnered with TIFF to spotlight the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 next to a selection of Samsung technology. “Both devices are multimedia powerhouses designed to deliver a brilliant display and an ultimate immersive entertainment experience,” said Paul Brannen, Executive Vice President Mobile Solutions, Samsung Electronics Canada.

Some of the exciting features of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 include live streaming technology, which means videos can be shared straight to a personal YouTube page. Both devices will offer wireless charging abilities and a new highly developed camera so fans won’t let a single memorable moment pass.


In the centre of the festival will be the Samsung Studio, where fans will have the chance to produce a personal video. This will enable them to collectively merge the iconic moments of the festival with their own images and videos captured on the Galaxy S6 edge+ or Galaxy Note5 to share with their friends, family, and social media networks.

As one, TIFF and Samsung are set to carry the next movement of today’s technology and modernization with the backing of filmmakers and film lovers.


Once upon a brand story on social media.

“The best brands are built on great stories.” Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group.


Every brand has a story to tell, in the age of social media it is vital that this story connect to current and potential customers. With social media platforms a brand has the opportunity to unite with and express its centre values on a more personal and trusted source.

So what exactly is a brand story?

A brand story is more than a description of the “about us” section or he content found on your website, presentations to potential clients or what you tell your audience. It goes beyond this. It is about what people believe about you, how they interpret your messages including facts, it is what they feel based on the signals of they receive from the brand.


Try these two tips to communicate that emotional pull and humanize your brand.

Share your values:

To stand above the rest of the market illustrate your values in human terms and not in association with sales, which is a mistake companies often make. How does your brand change lives for the better, what is your brand trying to stand up for in the world, what essentially does your brand believe in these factors make up real values ordinary people from all walks of life can relate to.

Show love to your community:

Much like a relationship between two people, the relationship between a brand and its customers must be celebrated often. Remembering to say “Thank you,” because your customers all know how heart warming it is to be recognized for their effort of sharing a photo with your product on Facebook or praising your service in a tweet.

Canada’s Paralympians get Tough

Tough dedicated and skillful, those are the traits that will be on display this week as the Pan Am Games get started in Toronto. No better time than the present to share some of the most inspiring athletes Canada has to offer, paralympians.

BBDO Toronto has gotten off to a strong start with its new campaign for the Canadian Paralympic Committee called “The Games are Tough, the Athletes are Tougher,” it serves to strike a chord in us all showing the audience that paralympians can face larger obstacles than their able-bodied peers and overcome the challenges like super humans.


The campaign revolves around a compilation of short video profiles that shine the spotlight on the toughness of paralympians such as paracyclist Jaye Milley of Calgary.

Martin Richard, the executive director of communications and marketing for the Canadian Paralympic Committee, states that, “The campaign is a true reflection of our brand and the strong traits of world-class Paralympic athletes.” It is thrilling to see the powerful stories of athletes being shared and engaged by Canadians through a broad selection of media from television to print.

What are you reading my followers?

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

Author: Seth Godin

Publisher: Portoflio

Publication date: May, 2003


After hearing all about this book from a memorable business motivational speaker who visited my university during my time in Cyprus, I finally bought “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable,” By Seth Godin. Seth is one of the few marketing experts who use easy going clear language to communicate ideas yet still keep me engaged. In a way Purple Cow is less about ground breaking marketing strategies and more a compilation of diverse ways he has seen particular businesses and random people stand out from the crowd.

His metaphor is pretty straight forward; imagine driving by a farm and you spot hundreds of cows peacefully grazing away. As you are driving you notice one cow, for some wondrous reason it has purple spots, its different, wouldn’t that grab your attention? Wouldn’t that make you stop and yell out “Look at that purple cow!”

In closing, the book is all about being remarkable, unique and new, much like a purple cow! The book speaks on how traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore. The previous sequence of ‘buy ads – get distribution – sell product – buy ads’ no longer profits. Instead the book gives tips on easy to buy and try products, opinion leaders, target marketing, packaging, customer centered changes and personifications on services to list a few.

Purple Cow is an inspiring book especially for entrepreneurs in the field of marketing and a definite must read for self-starters.

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ Campaign Showcases on Billboards

Apple has grabbed the crown prize at Cannes for its campaign, ‘Shot on iPhone 6‘ which was launched earlier this year. Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity selected it as the best entry in the out-of-doors category, which includes posters and billboards among other types of advertising. The campaign boasts spectacular user generated photos picked from 164 different photos and taken with the camera from the latest Apple smartphone.

With the help of TBWA Media Arts Lab, Apple scoured, picked and requested permission to use fitting images from sites such as Flicker and Instagram. The campaign first appeared on the official website before its epic expansion to over 10, 000 poster and billboard locations in 70 cities across 24 countries.

Some of the photographers include John Lehmann of Canada, a photo-journalist for the Global Mail and Dann Carr who stated that, “simplicity and ease of use can play a part in determining the best camera,” which the iPhone 6 successfully tackled for him. ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ also shines the spotlight on the apps available on the device that focus on image editing and videography.


Shot by Dan C.

in British Columbia, Canada


Shot by John L.

in British Columbia, Canada



Shot by Steven I.

in Toronto, Canada

Apple called the campaign “the largest mobile photography gallery in history.” Whilst the campaign features professional photographers to show what the smartphone can do in the right hands, it also invites the average consumer to take up the challenge and continue exploring all the wondrous things the iPhone 6 can do.

Koodo cheering for Canadians to “Choose Happy”

Koodo Canadian mobile carrier has once again painted the world of marketing in vibrant colors in their new campaign developed by Vision 7’s Toronto agency Camp Jefferson.  Fun and out of the box, the advertisements include a 30 second television commercial, billboards, motion posters and transit shelter advertisement that truly capture the simple idea of happiness. “Choose Happy” is the new tag line that Koodo decided to go with in order to present itself as a mobile carrier that is reasonable, open and brings joy to all its customers. The brand worked with plenty of animators, artists, illustrators and designers to create miniature images of joy.

One of the trends that led to this campaign was the rise of telecommunication customer frustration in Canada due to focus by most carriers being placed on pricing, contracts and policy. Koodo wanted a platform to share with the audience that despite this, customers at Koodo remain content with their service and were loyal to the brand. According to Andre Louis, vice-president, director of planning at Camp Jefferson, “Customers were choosing to stay with Koodo even though they could leave anytime they wanted to, in comparison to what we were seeing with the rest of the industry this action of choosing to be loyal to the brand stood out.”

Scroll below to view some of the most vibrant and happiest ads this side of the internet.

Please see credits:


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Consumer services join the conversation on social media


Social media is a fast way to reach out to consumers. Time and resources can be saved by going straight to where brand fans already socialize. Whilst ads and other marketing efforts could drive consumers to social media sites it is a mistake to leave the two way communication to audience alone. Consumer service teams should be part of the conversation and when given the opportunity they should construct the message and make it relevant to their industry. Most consumers already believe the brand is listening and often go on social media to receive personal responses to their questions.


“When participants in a 2012 survey from Oracle were asked what was most important when visiting a company’s social media page, 43 percent responded that they were looking for a direct response to their question, followed by 31 percent who expected direct access to customer service reps.”

Speed of response is also very important in a fast paced world. Basic interaction can be:

  • Thanking consumers for mentioning the brand in positive posts.
  • Answering questions about products and services.
  • Support customers by retweeting and sharing brand positive brand mentions


Regular monitoring of your company’s social media channels together with quick and careful responses will increase the efficiency of your brand’s communications with its consumers successfully.